OMNI's Natural Ciders

At Omni Ferments, we believe in crafting ciders that are truly natural and delicious. We use only the finest local Dutch fruit and make our ciders in a traditional way, with no yeast, sulfites, or added sugars.

Our commitment to purity and simplicity means that our ciders have a crisp, refreshing taste that is unmatched by other ciders on the market. We believe in letting the natural flavors and aromas of the fruit speak for themselves, which is why we avoid adding any ingredients to our ciders. We only use pure fruit.

At Omni Ferments, we are proud to offer ciders that are both natural and delicious. Whether you're a cider enthusiast or just looking for a refreshing drink, we invite you to try our ciders and taste the difference for yourself.

  • Disco Juice €7,49

    Strong apple aroma, bright fruit acidity and a healthy dose of fizz brings this one together.

    It's an easy going juice that pairs well with any activity.

    6% ABV | 0,75 cl

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  • Pearing €8,95

    Pearing bring together the best of both the apple and the pear. Mouth watering acidity from the apples. And lactic acidity form the fermentation of the pears. On top of that a good whiff of freshly pressed pears. Goes well with boat rides!

    6% ABV | 0,75 cl

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  • Plummet €8,95

    Gummy bears meets Chardon-yay. A healthy dose of aromatic Victoria plums brings wine like aroma and acidity, combined with crunchy apple notes. It's fun. Plummet into the new age.


    6% ABV | 0,75 cl

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  • The Trio

    all three vintage's

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  • Sampler's Box