About us

Welcome to our story! We are a team of two friends who started making natural ciders in 2020. Our journey began with a shared love for cider and a desire to create a product that was truly natural and delicious.

Our ciders are made with only the finest local Dutch fruit, which we carefully select and handpick ourselves. We believe that the quality of our ingredients is what sets our ciders apart, and we are committed to supporting our local community by using locally sourced fruit.

Our commitment to natural ingredients means that we add nothing else but pure juice to our ciders. We believe that the natural flavors and aromas of the fruit should speak for themselves, which is why we avoid using any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

What started as a passion project between friends has grown into a thriving business, and we are proud to offer ciders that are both natural and delicious. Whether you're a cider enthusiast or just looking for a refreshing drink, we invite you to try our ciders and taste the difference for yourself.

Thank you for joining us on our journey, and we look forward to sharing our natural ciders with you.